Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So finally here i am starting my blog!! my friend angira had given the suggestion long ago,but i was too lazy to start blogging at that point of,in the middle of lazing around n idling away my time,i decided to start blogging with a vengeance!! well,some of that vengeance fizzled away quite soon,with a 1.5hrs powercut,some phone calls,coming in the way of me n my blog..but then better late than never! so although i had started at 6:30p.m, i'm finally writing this at 9:16p.m!! quite an achievement,i must say.. :p
the only thing bugging me right now,is one important question - WHAT DO I WRITE ABOUT?
i guess i need to go n figure that out!! so till the next time, ciao!! :)