Friday, April 24, 2009


Was going through my school farewell diary..Filled with anecdotes,thoughts,happy memories and lots of other such memorable moments,from a journey of 14 years,called "SCHOOL LIFE".. Flipping through the pages, I found a beautiful poem written by Srestha,a dear friend.. Just thought of sharing it..
At life's crossroads we met,
Since then years have been spent....
This bidding will not be with tears,
But with music that will play for years.
It will be the music of laughter,
Chirping voices,running feet that together have
the journey sauntered;
So when we look back,
It will be of the happy times and the jokes
that we have cracked.
The unfolding of events,
Sitting for the examinations with our backs bent,
Seeing the same old faces,
Will be gone and now will come the challenging
new races..
Life is a ride.
We have to accept what it gives with pride.
If it means parting with friends,
It also means the duty of
remembering them.....
by Srestha Gupta


  1. yeah i know..written by a friend..

  2. Deblina..I can't believe you thought of putting it here.I'm humbled.This so kind of you.I thought I read it somewhere,and then I read my name at the end.I'm touched to say the least...

  3. srestha, I loved the poem, that's why thought of putting it here.. :) I should be the one grateful to you for writing such a poem for me! :)

  4. nyc frndz u hv got thr.....ur lucky....few ppl hv gud frndz in their lyvs....