Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Letter From Diya

Rummaging through old books,
I found it.
A letter.
Old, brown & spotted.
A letter from my grandmother.
A letter from Diya.

The letter has a smell.
A peculiarly, familiar smell.
The smell of old books &
all things forgotten?
No.Its her.
I smell her in the letter.
She is with me again.
Invisible yet present.
Intangible yet full-bodied.
I can feel her again.
Feel her after nine,long years.

The year 2000, reads the letter.
She writes about her trip to the U.S.A,
Her visits to the Niagra Falls
& the Yellowstone National park.
Her excitement is visible.
Infectious even.
I read the letter thrice.
Each time scourging the letter,
to find any missed detail,
to find something New.
I find Nothing.
The letter does not change.

The letter is meant for a 10-year old.
As I read it,
I find myself transforming.
Transforming into the 10-year old ME.
The girl,who received the letter,
nine,long years ago.
A girl, bubbling with excitement
on receiving an American stamped letter.

As I read the letter,
I realise how much I miss her.
Nine years is a long time.
Time is a fast healer,they say.
It makes you forget.
But one look at the letter,
& I know its all false.
As long as I live,
I will always love & miss her.
My Diya.
The letter is not a letter anymore.
Its her.
She lives in it.Its her.
The woman I call Diya.


  1. kinda odd poem....but nyc theme....mch lyk d resonance of childhood....eithr a question 4 ya though...

    in evry pic why is ur lft syd veiled undr ur hair....

  2. brwsd thru each of ur blogs....y dnt u wryt a bit more.....wud b nyc....

    xpctin 2 hear bck frm u sun...


  3. thank you for going through my blog.. you see, I do write, but I dont put it up here..unless i think its something worthwhile to be put for your question about the pictures, its just that i think pics taken in this angle make me look better! :P