Saturday, May 2, 2009

Odd Feelings

Have any of you ever experienced a high when helping someone? No matter how unimportant that help might be? Have you? Well,I experience it.. Whenever someone calls me for help,I get a high.. When the person I'm helping out, thanks me or gives me a word of praise,i get a high..Its true..I dont know how to explain this..But I experience complete bliss in that moment.. I kind of like people liking and appreciating me..I like it when people say good things about me..Everyone does,I am sure,but I'm not sure if everyone gets a high out of it!! If this leads someone to conclude that I like to help people so that I can get compliments and praises in return,then let me assure you thats definitely not true.. Its my basic nature to help people..But its only recently that I discovered that I get a high out of doing so.. I dont know whether what I feel is right or wrong.. I dont know what it makes me.. Maybe a conceited,selfish person you would say..I cant argue with you and prove you wrong,'coz honestly I dont know the truth! I dont know what I should be doing to stop the way I feel..Or whether I should stop the way I feel or whether its perfectly normal to feel this way..I dont know..I dont have an answer..

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